With back to school plans solidifying for many of you in the past few days, I can’t imagine the many scenarios you are working thru at the moment. I have heard that in some cases, across all grades, up to 15% of students want to choose online schooling over in person education. Funding challenges may not make it easy to respond to those requests.

To help ease such challenges, iCampus21 is prepared to help quickly. If you are looking to expand your online programming over the summer, below is what we can do for you:

1) Existing customers can receive one extra Moodle site at half price. This could be useful to offer a separate Moodle for grades 5-9 for example.

2) Existing customers who choose to take out membership to the Western Canadian Learning Network (wcln.ca) can receive an additional Moodle installation plus all WCLN courses installed at no extra charge. This could be useful to provide a massive resource Moodle site for all your learners for example. Please note that Western Canadian Learning Network membership is limited to public schools only.

3) New customers who choose to take out membership to the Western Canadian Learning Network (wcln.ca) receive a new Moodle installation at half price.

4) Free five hour live support to your teachers during month of August.

5) Accelerated re-development of Moodle HUB at https://moodlehub.ca/

What we are offering is a rapid, online school deployment opportunity. If this is something you need or are curious about, please do get back to us.