We welcome participants of this year’s symposium (https://canelearn.net/symposium20/). Your efforts to learn, adjust and improve your teaching is commendable, especially in these uncertain times. A look at the program confirms how the organizers are able to pull together a quality program in a format that works and builds community. Will this pandemic be the reagent for adjusting teaching methods and philosophy? Time will tell.

To offer something to everyone, we’d like to provide the free https://eclasscloud.com/ It is based on Moodle and it allows teachers to offer online courses without having to worry about managing a Moodle system of their own. The free service will be around for as long as people use it.

If you liked the Moodle that was used on Wednesday and Thursday and you think your school could use a Moodle too, feel free drop us a line at info@icampus21.com