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POODLL has become the Go-to solution for those Moodle schools who want to provide awesome language learning support for their students. In a nutshell, POODLL provides advanced audio and video recording and assessment capabilities in Moodle.  The list of capabilities is growing rapidly and the POODLL developers are very active. iCampus21 is a registered reseller and as such we are able to pass on savings to our customers. As a reseller, we also enjoy direct support from the makers of POODLL!

To demo all available POODLL features, please click here:

Authorized POODLL reseller

Premium Poodll Price
K12 $ 925/year
Higher Ed / Org $ 1225/year
Classic Poodll Price
K12 $ 625/year
Higher Ed / Org $ 825/year
Cloud Poodll Lite Price
K12 $ 495/year
Higher Ed / Org $ 649/year
Cloud Poodll Editor Price
K12 $ 325/year
Higher Ed / Org $ 425/year
Cloud Poodll Assignment Submission Price
K12 $ 325/year
Higher Ed / Org $ 425/year
Poodll Read Aloud Price
K12 $ 495/year
Higher Ed / Org $ 659/year
Poodll English Central Price
K12 $ 17.95/student/year
Higher Ed / Org $ 24.95/student/year