Designing for the Eye

Learn how to create beautiful Moodle books

Teachers love building Moodle books. Book development can be painful and take a lot of time. This course is for you if you want to tweak your Moodle books by using the Bootstrap framework. $50 + GST per person

Learn any way that works for you

  • Live webinar lessons: November 21 | December 5 | December 19 | January 9 | January 19 | 7-8 PM MST 
  • Access lesson recordings at any time | Work at your own pace | Attendance at live lessons is not required
  • Follow along by watching short instructional videos
  • Work in your own sandbox Moodle course

Learn with a Graphic Designer

This course provides you the unique opportunity to learn from a practicing graphic designer. You will learn some tips and tricks, thought processes and decision making strategies. You are invite to ask questions as well as learn about color choices, text formatting, page layouts and much more.

At a minimum, you will learn how to do at least these ...

Basic Book operations

  • Create book
  • Duplicate book
  • Backup book
  • Import book
  • Print book as pdf
  • Export book as EPUB
  • Import EPUB into book
  • Configure book options
  • Create chapters
  • Delete chapters
  • Organize chapters
  • Add multimedia into chapters

Chapter Templates

  • Aspects
  • Commentary
  • Dual Comparison
  • Gallery
  • Multi columns, multi rows
  • Masonary
  • Timeline
  • Juxtapose
  • Build consistent, well formatted chapters

Formatting with Bootstrap

  • Learn basic bootstrap, the technology that does all the formatting in Moodle
  • Learn how to read code
  • Make small code edits
  • Copy code snippets and edit
  • Insert code into chapters
  • Plan chapter layout
  • Become mobile devise aware
  • Harness the power of text editors

Required tools

  • PC or Mac computer
  • Several late model browsers such as Chrome and Firefox
  • One mobile device such as a Tablet or Phone
  • Audio speakers to hear recordings
  • Mic to participate or ask questions in live sessions (optional)
  • Various text editors (free)
Bootstrap Image Preview
No risk guarantee

If at the conclusion of the course you feel you did not learn anything of use to you, you can ask for a 100% refund!

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