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Analytics for your websites and courses

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Analytics for your websites and courses
by Administrator iCampus21 - Wednesday, 1 August 2018, 7:17 AM

I am pleased to offer detailed analytics for your websites and courses. Knowing what your users are doing while on your site can provide interesting information and possibly help identify issues that you might not be aware of.
The following is available at request, and at no extra cost:
1) Heat maps: A heat map shows clicking, moving and scrolling over a given period of time.
2) Session recordings: Over a given period of time, we can record all activity that takes place in certain areas of your site. The resulting recordings can be viewed by you or your teachers to see how your students interact with your courses.
3) User flows: Get a visual overview of how your students navigate your site - where do they enter, where do they go and where do they leave.
4) Your analytics dashboard: All the above, and more can me accessed using your own dashboard.

iCampus21 uses the open source software Matamo and we purchases some premium features. As a result all data remains on iCampus21 servers.