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Welcome to another successful year

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Welcome to another successful year
by Administrator iCampus21 - Tuesday, 9 January 2018, 5:06 PM

Thank you for continuing to trust us with your hosting needs. Below is some information that might interest you.

1) When economically viable, we become performance oriented. Our entire server farm is now updated and is using late model processors and drives. Over the years we noticed that virtual machines are great but are not cost effective when computing needs are large. As a result we added several designated servers to the mix and feedback from some of you has been great. As a hosting specialist, we are able to utilize innovative, late model technologies more quickly and we are passing the benefits on to you, without increasing our prices. The other day we did some tests and our write speed on some of our servers is between 2-3 Gigabytes per second. That's right, we can write a full DVD movie in 2 seconds to the server!
2) We continue to be committed to great service and PD. The free LearnMoodle course is starting in less then four days ( ) Any customers' teachers participating in this course, can expect extra help from us.  iCampus21 will make available at no extra cost a Moodle expert teacher who will be available during and after the course to work with your teachers to help implement fresh ideas they learned during the LearnMoodle course.
3) We continue to offer premium subscriptions to the Wiris Math and Science editors and the POODLL audio and video solution for Moodle at no cost to our customers. We are also committed to continue free service of our SMS in-Moodle texting app. This is our own in-house plugin and we hope it will prove usefull. If your teachers or school wanted to send one-way text messages directly out of Moodle, give our SMS Express a try.
4) We do host more then just Moodle. Wordpress and Mahara customers are a small but important part of our customer base. Thank you for trusting us.
All the best in 2018.
Dirk Meyer