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In order to provide the list of activities that require your attention, the teacher must apply a date in the ‘Remind me to grade by’ setting. To do this: Go into your course. Turn on editing for a particular activity, select ‘ Edit ’ and then ‘ Edit settings ’

Within the ‘ Availability ’ section, you will need to apply the following in order for the teacher to get their reminders.

 The ‘ Allow submission from ’ date and the ‘ Due date ’ must be ‘ Enabled ’ and the dates set. The ‘ Cut-off date ’ can be applied – for this purpose it is not needed. 

To generate the teacher reminder , you must enable the ‘ Remind me to grade by ’ setting and apply a date.

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Good to know!

Courses with continuous enrollment might need to handled using a different approach. It is good idea to get a feel for how this works first before trying to accomodate continuous enrollment scenarios.