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To control this view, one must do the following within the course:

Find and open the course in question. From the user menu, select ‘ Edit settings ’ Within the ‘ General ’ settings for the course/class, locate the following:

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Course start date and Course end date . The 'Course start date' should already have a date applied. However, if this course is meant to be taught later ( Future ) or has already been taught and you want it to organize it as a past course, this is where you make the adjustment. Simply alter the date to reflect how you want it to appear and once you click ‘ save ’ (scroll to the bottom and select save), the effect will take place immediately. For the current ( In progress ) course, be sure to apply an ‘end date’ For the Future courses – once again, be sure to apply both the start and end dates for past courses, apply an end date that would occur before the current term.

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Good to know!

With setting course start dates and course end dates, we control how courses are organized on the dashboard. With course visibility, we control if courses are visible (available) to students. A student can not access a hidden course but he/she can access a course with an end date in the past!