Dashboard Documentation

By selecting the courses tab, you will see all of the courses you are enrolled in. Please note that there are three tabs from which your courses will be listed:

In progress
All the courses that you see listed here are those which are ‘active.’  These would be courses that you are working on for the current term or semester.  You will be working extensively if not solely from this area!

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These are courses that are upcoming. Depending on how the activities and enrollments are setup in future courses you may not be able to pursue any work within them until the start date of the course.

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These are your previous courses that you would have been enrolled in. If you are still enrolled in past courses and the course is open, you can still get to it. This could be useful for review purposes for example. If a teacher is hiding a past course, students wont see them at all. Of course, sometimes all students are removed from past course in which case they wont even show up under the 'Past' tab.  

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Good to know!

How schools manage enrollments is different. It is a good idea to explain to students if they still have access to past courses or not.