As the delivery of K-12 education has temporarily shifted to an online format one can not wonder but ask what education will look like in the future. Closures of school buildings during the Covid-19 pandemic prompted education systems to hastily implement some form of online programming. An entire profession is struggling to switch into online delivery modus in a matter of a few weeks. What has often been viewed as sub-quality and last resort education is now the norm. The almost complete silence of teacher unions during this time speaks volumes. Where are the voices of the so called disruptors and influences?

One wonders what education will look like in the near future. Clearly, there are plenty of good things about online learning with many benefits to students. Will future teaching practice include or even prescribe the use of digital learning? Will students be able to learn at their own pace, in their own chosen modus? Will they be able to pick and choose what they learn and where and when? Will they be able to experience education that puts students at the centre? How will parents fit into this picture? Who will review what worked well during this time? Who will be the actors who choose the new canon of best practices of good teaching?