Currently, education providers are challenged to continue to provide uninterrupted, quality instruction. Many choose to switch to online delivery by asking their instructors to upload assignments and resources complimented by video meetings with their students. While this may be a relatively straight forward approach, it is certainly not without challenges and may not be sustainable for the longer term.

We can help you think thru the challenges and help develop workable solutions that will allow your teachers to continue to deliver quality instruction.

Some things we can help with immediately:

  • Free Moodle shells for teachers at
  • Rapid deployment of Learning Management System (Moodle)
  • Rapid deployment of WordPress blogging system (multi-site) in which each teacher or student or both get their own blog space
  • Expert configuration and best practices advice
  • Expert support via phone, email, chat and video
  • Development of a robust communication strategy and more
  • Quick on boarding of staff and students

You can contact us via the following:

phone: 1 403-862-1431