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H5P webinar

Hello awesome teachers working with Moodle.

iCampus21 is committed to supporting teachers to build awesome, interactive course content One tool teachers love to build interactive content with is called H5P ( While is free, iCampus21 customers receive a complementary account to the premium service on for an even better content building and LTI reporting abilities.

If you are interested in a no commitment demonstration of the H5P platform then please get back to us. We are presently planning a short series of webinars.

BlendEdAlberta and ATLE Convergence

I hope your school is off to a good start. We have been upgrading many sites over the summer and we deployed several new servers. I am happy that in the past two years, all customer sites have been rotated into newer and faster servers at no extra charge. I am committed to keeping this a standard practice well into the future. At iCampus21, your site is not rocking in ancient infrastructure.
I wanted to share with you that we will have a table at both ATLE Convergence conference, October 16-18 , 2019 in Red Deer, Alberta ( and at BlendEdAlberta conference, October 23-26, 2019 in Edmonton ( In April of this year we were part of the BC Digital Learning Symposium ( and I recently attended the CANeLearn Leadership Summit in Toronto ( Furthermore, we presented at the Alberta CTS council conference in Red Deer, as we have in many past years.
We are well informed about trends, challenges and good news stories in K-12 elearning topics across Canada and beyond. Want to start an online program? Want to expand your elearning efforts? Want to know what’s going on with mandatory online learning in Ontario? Will it spill into Alberta? Want to save thousands of dollars by outsourcing hosting and support services? If the answer is yes to any, please stop by at our table for discussion.
The BlendEdAlberta will be a special treat this year as the pre-conference will be all about Moodle. iCampus21 will have extra staff on hand to help with anything Moodle and discuss your needs. Send your teachers to these awesome conferences!
Have a wonderful September and hopefully I will see some of you in October.

Moodle AuthorBlocks plugin now available

Hello customers and Moodle enthusiasts!

The previously announced AuthorBlocks plugin for Moodle can now be tested at our demo site.
The plugin can be installed to your existing site at request and at no cost to existing customer. We are planning to make it available for general download soon. We have developed it against Moodle 3.6 and backwards compatibility might be tricky but not impossible.
The plugin is a helper block that assists teachers to utilize bootstrap code snippets in their Moodle environment. Some samples that were created using AuthorBlocks are below. You may also watch a short demo video. If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. (more…)

Improving the building of Moodle books

Teachers both love and hate building with Moodle books. Often, one of the first tasks a teacher does is build a Moodle book. A Moodle book can be thought of as a mini website that allows easy display of text, pictures and video. When a new page is added to a book, Moodle will automatically build a simple navigation menu. I believe it is this simplicity that draws teachers to use this resource tool perhaps more so then any other tool in Moodle. The simple book resource tool in Moodle allows teachers to take ownership of the content they provide to their students. (more…)

Moodle PD at CTS Conference on November 25th, 2017 in Canmore

Join Mark Murray and Dirk Meyer on Saturday, November 25th from 9:00-11:30 for over two hours of Moodle PD. Send your teachers or come yourself. We’ll look at new features of Moodle, answer your questions, share ideas, tips and tricks, share experiences and more. Mix and mingle with other Moodle users. Bring a lab top computer.

Social on October 27h, 2017 in Edmonton

iCampus21 is pleased to invite customers to an informal social in the evening of October 26th at the Radisson Hotel Edmonton South.  We’ll look at some new features in Moodle and introduce our SMS Express plugin. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a beer and some snacks while meeting other customers and talk Moodle.