Moodle & Mahara workshop

We are pleased to offer this workshop to you. Kristina Hoeppner from Catalyst IT in New Zealand is presenting to us on various topics related to Moodle and Mahara. This hands-on workshop is geared towards Moodle power users and admins and for those interested to learn how Mahara could fit into the picture. Space is limited to 8 people. Please contact Dirk Meyer if you are interested to attend.


Wednesday, July 01st, 9AM-7PM: Field Trip

Together, we will travel to a nice destination. During our field trip, we will collect digital artifacts that we will use later in our eportfolios.

Thursday, July 02nd, 9AM-7PM: Mahara eportfolio

Start your own portfolio
Bigger picture discussions
Discovery and work time

Friday: July 03rd , 9AM-2PM: Moodle

Based on your suggestions, we will work and learn together.

Cost: one day: $250/person | both days: $400/person
Lunch and snack provided