Below you will find a select list of some current customers

Client Service Comments Budget
Palliser School Division Moodle for Online and Blended programs Serving a variety of schools scattered across southern Alberta, this Moodle system supports both online and blended learning in the division annual cost: below $5000
Golden Hills School Division Online School & ELA learning system A medium sized Moodle for delivery of online courses to both domestic and international learners. annual cost: below$5000
University of Windsor Wordpress and custom portfolio system The department of open studies asked us to host their Wordpress multi blog. After two years, there are now several hundred blogs and a custom eportfolio system the university build. annual cost: below $5000
CDX Canada Delivery of content and quizzes to automotive training programs across Canada Each Moodle is preloaded with 30+ content rich courses. Substantial
Canadian Cowboys Association Hosting & development of a Joomla website We were asked to transfer and fix an existing website to our servers. Being a busy, time sensitive project, this busy website forms a important part of the Canadian Cowboys Association to report up to date draws, results and standings. annual cost: below$5000
Knowledgenet Development of a resource sharing site for k-12 educators in Alberta Customizations to open source platforms allow us to build this system. To be released in September 2015, this project supports active research toward doctoral research work. below $10,000