Oustanding support

We provide the support you need, when you need it.

Appropriate, immediate support is arguably the most important service we can offer. You can expect industry leading support from us.

Things can go crazy sometimes. No amount of money can provide an absolute, always on, never fail service. We can plan for outages, appropriately manage resources, be smart about what plugins to use what media to add, bandwidth, networks, firewalls...the list goes on. The challenge then for a provider such as iCampus21 is how to resolve situations in which customer sites may not operate optimally.

iCampus21 makes every effort that customer sites work properly at all times, including during busy peak times. We will also work hard to fix a problem when it occurs.That is why we utilize both email and phone support channels to resolve problems fast. When you leave a message using our support number, three staff will be notified immediately and will start work on bringing your sites back to full functionality. No slow tiered support, no fancy support ticket management emails...we are on it immediately. That's the support you need and that's the support we provide.