We know Moodle. For nearly a decade, Moodle has been at the center of our interest.

Sure, it's easy to setup and run a Moodle. In fact, Moodle is made so it can be easily installed. But ask yourself, what happens when your Moodle gets popular and everyone wants to use it. And they want to use it every day, and on the weekends and during the holidays. Yes, you may have purchased a big server in anticipation of your new Moodle becoming popular. Do you really want to do this?

Moodle has been and will be a major interest for years to come. Being careers educators ourselves we know changes take place slowly in education. Not only do we have the pedagogical experience and understanding - we also are top notch in the technology department. Professional programmers and system administrators take care of your needs. Top notch hard does the rest. Don't fool yourself- you and your students deserve first class service.

In addition to managed hosting, we also provide custom work such as theme development. Bring your ideas to us and we will make a theme out of them.

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