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Appropriate, immediate support is arguably the most important service we can offer. You can expect industry leading support from us.

Modern technology drives our services. You want to develop mindful learning opportunities. Let us worry about providing the back end services.

Accelerate your learning tool implementation by working with us. Avoid common pitfalls .

Some things we do really well

Come join us to increase your depth of understanding of both the Moodle and Mahara software

Spring time means budget time and this year it is especially challenging, at least in Alberta.

It is our pleasure to yet again sponsor the upcoming Moodle Moot Canada again. This years moot runs...

Please take note of our upcoming Mahara workshop to be held in Calgary, Alberta during the week of...

Sure, it's easy to setup and run a Moodle. In fact, Moodle is made so it can be easily installed. But...

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